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MSE has recently been acknowledged by one of their major clients with an article on the recycling of used polyurethane products back into new products for the customer. The article appeared on the Bluescope corporate web-site and stated:

Worn paint line rolls from Bluescope Steels Springhill and Western Port works in Australia and a number of sites in Asia are now being used to produce fixed chocks for the storing of steel coils in the company’s warehouses around Australia.

The rolls used on the paint lines are made of steel, with a polyurethane coating. Over time, the coating on these rolls wears out and has to be replaced. The rolls are stripped of the remaining polyurethane coating, ground and re-coated. The used polyurethane traditionally went to landfill.

Wollongong supplier, M&S Engineering has come up with an innovative use of this by-product to produce polyurethane chocks for use in the warehousing of steel coils. Chocks are traditionally made of wood, which breaks up over time, can be unsafe and untidy and needs regular replacement.

M&S Engineering has developed a new method of mixing recycled polyurethane, which is ground into crumbs, with fresh polyurethane to produce fixed chocks, which could replace all wooden chocks used in Bluescope Steel’s warehouses.

The company is also trialing the use of recycled polyurethane to coat the paint line rolls and return them to service on Bluescope paintlines.

This project will save 17 to 20 tonnes of polyurethane going to landfill each year.

For links to this article or others on Bluescope's Recycling and Material Improvement activities go to:

For more information on MSE’s recycling capabilities and the range of possible polyurethane products from them, Please contact Terry Askew via our contacts page.

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